How to wash your hair when there is no water?

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Eventually each woman faces with situations when it is urgently necessary to wash her hair and there is no water! Sometimes there is no hot water. Sometimes there is in cold water. Moreover, sometimes there is no water at all! In situations, when there is no water, an exit always exists.

If there is no hot water (for example it have been disconnected because of a certain matter or an extent), then it is simpler. There is an electric kettle, a plate, a boiler, a microwave at last.  It is always possible to find by means of what and in what to heat the water. Especially tempered and risky can wash the head with cold water. Only hair, without having wetted skin of the head.

Nevertheless, if there is no water at all? Neither hot nor cold. Then it is necessary to show all sharpness and resourcefulness. Those small councils will help you to wash the head without water. The simplest way out – to go to the closest hair salon. However, what to do if it is not present, or it is closed, or just there is no time?

Provide yourself with dry shampoo for such cases. However, be cautious. There are dry shampoos, which need to be dissolved with water, and there are shampoos-sprays, which should be washed away. For them, availability of water is obligatory, as well as for regular shampoo.

You need a dry shampoo, which can be applied without water. Such shampoo can be useful on a business trip, a travel, and of course in situations like this. It is a barrel with powder spray. The absorbing particles absorbing fat and dirt are its part, among other things. Read the reviews – dry shampoo is the best solution for the mentioned problem.

The dry shampoo application method is very simple and easy. Stir up a barrel; apply spray on hair from distance of 30-40 centimeters. If you have a powder dry shampoo, just apply it on your hair in amount, indicated on its package. Massing, distribute shampoo on all length of hair. Wait 5-10 minutes until the dirt and grease were absorbed, and combing hair remove the shampoo remains. Hair will be pure and volume.

Dry shampoo has also shortcomings. He though clears hair, but it is not so good. Therefore, the effect remains not for long. Nevertheless, for mentioned cases when it is necessary to wash the head urgently, and there is no water, dry shampoo is the best solution.