Upholstery Care Tips

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The only way you can keep your upholstery looking good for long is by affording it the necessary care. The fact that it’s subjected to daily use means that it can easily lose its original appeal. It is not difficult to tell when your upholstery needs some work done on it. Fading colors and a grubby appearance is the first sign that you need to repaint unless you intend to invest in new furniture.

If you are a vintage enthusiast, fabric spray paints can refresh the appearance of your old furniture and significantly improve how they look. You can sample some of the available options in the market at https://www.fabricspray.co.uk/. Even so, before you get on with the painting, you need to have everything set up to avoid any setbacks. Below are some helpful upholstery care tips to enable you to achieve excellent results.


Planning your work in advance helps you to stay on course and know what you are doing. Start by ensuring you have all the necessary tools for the task. If you are planning to use a different color from the original one, ensure that it will match your expectations and have in place plentiful supply. Also, choose your preferred color with care to ensure that it’s compatible with the fabric.

Paint with care

Before you start painting, mark the areas you want to paint and ensure that you don’t spray beyond such areas. The paint will be a permanent part of the fabric, hence, painting the wrong areas will make your work seem shoddy and you may end up ruining the fabric entirely. If you don’t have any intentions of sticking to the upholstery’s original design, draw a sketch to guide you through your work.

Choose the right paint

Understanding the different types of paint can help you choose the right option. Use the type that complements your artwork and one that is also easy to dry. Considering that it may take a while before the paint dries, do not be in a hurry if you want good results. That is so, especially where you need to apply more than one layer of paint.

Clean the fabric

A dirty fabric may have foreign elements that may limit the paint from sticking. Thus, it’s better to clean the fabric before re-painting. Dirt may also bring about unwanted color shades making all your efforts seem meaningless.

In summary, you don’t need to buy new furniture every time your upholstery seems worn out or old. Repainting can introduce a fresh breath of life into your furniture making them appear new and appealing. Gather all the necessary tools, set aside enough time for your project and wait to be wowed by the results.