Tips to Avoid Back Pain in Offices

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Does this describe you? Each day after work you experience terrible back pain that goes away after resting for some time. Do you experience a headache as well, as well as neck pain? If this is the case, then this article is for you, it tells you the various tips to avoid back pain in the office.

Check Your Eyes

Take time to visit an eye specialist to have your eye checked. With poor eyesight, you tend to strain more, and this means forcing your upper back muscles into a certain position to read what is on your monitor screen. Periodic eye examination is valuable in reducing strain to your upper body.

The Image Quality

Every person has a specific image quality that they need to adjust to. Make sure the images on your screen are stable and sharp, and the screen is bright enough to view the contents comfortably. If they aren’t, then adjust the contrast, screen brightness and resolution to make sure you have the best image quality.

Additionally, the image size might be the best size for viewing. Many programs allow you to magnify the screen content to suit your needs.

How Far Away the Screen Is

The screen should be positioned at a comfortable distance for easier viewing. If you cannot place this at a comfortable viewing distance, then it is better to place the screen far away and then zoom in to view the content rather than sitting too close to the screen. The most comfortable distance for you to sit is an arm’s length away from the body. If you don’t have a chair that gives you the right posture, go for body pillows from to get the right support.

Place the Screen Directly in Front

You need to place the screen in a position that is directly in front of you so that you eliminate the need to twist your upper body to view the screen. Place the monitor right in front of you, neither to the left nor the right. It should also be at the right height, not too high or too low as this will force you to bend or look up at the screen. Hunching stresses the muscles in the upper body leading to muscle strain.

The Conclusion

Back pain makes it hard for you to work the right way in an office setting. Take time to learn about proper monitor placement and how to prevent strain in back muscles when using the computer at the office. Doing this reduces the strain on your back muscles, preventing subsequent pain.