The reason why you should join the large number of both professional and homeowners to use the fleck water softeners

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High levels of dissolved calcium, iron and magnesium ions have become major causes of hard water. These ions naturally occur in the soils. Water falls from the sky and collects up these minerals as it seeps into the ground. Though these minerals are not significantly harmful to the humans, they cause very many problems during daily use of the waters. These ions render soaps ineffective, causing them to lather less; they damage appliances, clog pipes and scale the bottom of pots and bathroom fixtures. The soap by products causes itching and dry skin these are enough reasons for need to soften the water.

There are two main techniques used to soften the water; salt based and salt free systems. The products that utilize the salt-based techniques remove the calcium and magnesium ions from water, deposit them in a waste discharge channel, and leave soft water to flow into the plumbing network. On the other hand, the softening process that utilizes salt free system alters the hardness in such a way that the ions are unable to precipitate and cannot cause scale deposits. The salt-based method is more effective than the salt free one; this makes use of the Fleck water softener an option for many independent resident owners and professionals too. Fleck water softener exists in 3 models, which are the 5600model, the 5600 SXT model and 7000 SXT model. They all work towards the same goal, to remove any ions present in the water that may cause hardness. The outcome of the regeneration process that is the soft water is the same. No fleck softener produces softer water. However, the systems vary in the way they are automated to work and vary for labour; the manual labour an owner has carry out on them so that they can operate optimally.

The 5600 fleck water softener is a basic model that has a lot of manual controls. A user sets extra time for regeneration process during the does not stop regeneration when the water in not needed. The process of removing magnesium and calcium ions that settle at the bed of the system is done manually. Moving to the advanced 5600SXT model, this one utilizes both manual and automatic regeneration techniques in softening water. Manual work is less with this softener compared to the basic 5600 fleck model. The 7000 SXT fleck water softener is computerized. It has higher discharge and flow rate compared to the other two. When water is not needed, it stops the regeneration process. It is detailed on how to operate, however, user manual is provided.

The fleck company has been in existence for long and has managed to beat any other company and maintain its respect when it comes to soft water. This can be attributed to the fact that the fleck water softeners are reliable. Although some users tend to purchase the system and install them on their own, it is advisable to contract a professional to do the job. This will guarantee you to support over longer periods of time in case any complications arise.