How to Speed up Your Instagram Growth

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So, you’ve been on Instagram for a couple of months now. But, you’re nowhere near giving your brand or business the attention it deserves. Sure, becoming famous on Instagram takes real work and loads of patience. Even then, some approaches can help you get there quickly. Here’s a rundown of some of them.

Instagram Growth Services

The name couldn’t have been more appropriate. These companies will get you more followers, likes, and comments. What this means is that you will position your brand to attract natural growth. Not all Instagram growth services are worth trying out though. Look at this one called Gold Nitro, for instance. Apart from using automation software, this company has attracted lots of negative reviews from previous users. In other words, there’s every indication that it is a scam that’s up to no good. Be sure to read more about Gold Nitro at and all its red flags.

Activate Your Business Profile

Statistics indicate that more than five million businesses are on Instagram already. In essence, if you want to give your business a chance to get noticed, you’re better off activating your business profile. One of the primary advantages of a business account is that it enables you to gain access to analytics info such as how your content is performing and the followers that like it. It also allows you to add an address, your website, and phone number. On top of that, you can create Instagram ads.

Maintain Consistency

There is no way you can grow your brand’s presence on Instagram if you post once or twice every month. You should strive to demonstrate a certain level of consistency. At times, this may mean posting every day. Think of it as a way of letting your followers and potential customers know that there is a person behind your account. You can also do experiments on your own to find which posting strategy works well for you regarding creating more engagement.

The Bottom Line

Instagram is almost hitting one billion monthly active users. It is a huge platform, and it continues to grow. You should, therefore, figure out how to place your brand or business in front of your customers. Be sure to post beautiful and attractive photos. Also, prepare your content a day or two before posting it to ensure that it is of the highest quality possible. Stick to one them as well.