Six Small Pets to Keep: Your Alternative and Additional Friends at Home

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Pets are known to be a great source of comfort and companionship in the absence of a human friend or partner. If you happen to grow up with pets with you or your own one currently at your adult age, you can effectively imply the happiness of having pets with you. While dogs and cats are the most popular pets treasured by most, there are wide arrays of available options to opt you away from the usual.

With that, PetNap, your one stop for your pet’s needs, compiled six best small pets to cherish. Consider some of these cute fluffs if you wish to have an additional claws and paws on your household. If you are willing to switch your interest towards pets, then find the best one suited with your desire.


If you can commit yourself from bunny proofing and bunny grooming, then rabbits can be one of the most rewarding pets to keep. Rabbits possess one-of-a-kind characteristics, as they are very inquisitive, and social. Most rabbits love a nice head-scratch and appreciate human companion, as well as of their class. If you want to acquire a long-term bond with your rabbit, make sure to take good care of them.


Hamsters ideally live for about couple of years and can be your great first-time pets. While living to be inquisitive and energetic most times, hamsters don’t need wider space to mobilize, as other pets. The breed like Dwarf Syrian hamster is the best one to keep because they are best kept in solitude since they are territorial.

3.Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs loved to be handled by their human companion; they are gentle, as well as friendly. Jumping up and down is their only way to manifest their happiness and excitement. They have the ability to develop instant camaraderie with their herds. While they live up to eight years, you can have a chance to train them with some simple tricks, which must be done with care and patience.


If you have small tots at home, Gerbil is the perfect one to keep because it is very active and playful during the day. At night, they are much behaved and not making any noise, so your kids can cage it at their rooms. Not to mention, they must have a gerbil companion since they are social animals. They can be taught with some simple trick, too.


Ferrets are energetic, active and should be kept in pairs or group. They live up to ten years. However, they don’t have tendency to grow more cuddly with an age if they’re played on daily basis.


If you are a working professional during the day, Chinchillas are the great small pets to keep, as they are active during the night, as nocturnal animals. Even they are shy, with the aid of love and care, they can be a great friend who will turn to be lively and good pet.

Most small pet owners are experiencing an escalated self-esteem and have a chance to lessen the feeling of loneliness once they happen to play with their little friends. You can choose some alternatives from above selection, especially if you feel more comfortable to welcome another small chum in your home.