Refusing from the industrial and vegan cruel shampoos.

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Differences of temperatures, dry air of the heated rooms, frequent drying by the hair dryer, the lack of vitamins, calcium, and other necessary substances are reflected in structure and appearance of hair. In order to support beauty, we buy all new jars in shops and drugstores, but, often, we worsen a situation, without knowing that industrial means are not always useful.
If you read it now, most likely you already refused industrial cosmetics, or think of it. Here we would not concentrate on the negative influence of such notorious components of shampoos now as cleaners, parabens, mineral oils and other “harm”. This subject deserves separate attentive studying.
Now suggest you learn the experience of the use of natural hair preparations. It is necessary to warn you: universal remedies which will be pleasant to all do not exist. Different types of hair and skin require an individual approach. It is possible to choose from the offered techniques what suits you. Besides, hair will get used to natural means within two-three weeks, and even month. First, they can look a little worse, than usually as recovery after the destructive influence of industrial shampoos requires time. But if you seriously solved, it shan’t stop you!
First of all, you should be aware that it is possible to buy a handmade shampoo, that does not contain any animal related components. Moreover, there is a lot of places where you can find best vegan cruelty free shampoos. Search and you will find the desired.
If it seems to you that it is impossible to wash up the head without shampoo purchased in a shop – you will be surprised! Nowadays, here is very popular a tendency of a complete refusal of any unnatural shampoos. It received a little ambiguous name “No Poo” that means, of course, only “NoShampoo”. Some girls wash the head only with simple water within several years and claim that their hair in a complete order. Besides, there is a mass of methods of clarification of hair make-shifts. Here are some recipes for those who have not enough of simple water or can not find cruelty-free handmade shampoo.

1. Baking soda. Have you ever believe that soda can be used instead of shampoo? Of course it does not form a lather, but, nevertheless, perfectly dissolves fat and washes out hair, at the same time, without drying up it.

2. Mustard. Mix three tablespoons of mustard with warm water before a formation of gruel. To apply regularly on hair and head skin. If there is time, it is possible to wrap up the head and to take mustard as a mask for 10-30 minutes. At this time blood will actively circulate in all layers of skin, enrich bulbs of hair with useful substances. As a result, hair drops out less and become more dense and better.

3. Fermented milk products. It appears that hair can be washed kefir, curdled milk, and even serum.  Apply on hair regularly, wrap up with polyethylene, and wrap up from above a towel. In half an hour to wash away. If there is no time for the clearing mask, it is possible just to dilute kefir or curdled milk with hot water and wash  hair with this mix.