Purchase The Blender And Make Smoothies When You Want

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Making a soup, smoothie etc. is quite a common these days but cutting and chopping the fruits and vegetables takes a lot of time. You must think of purchasing a blender to ease the process. Although purchasing a blender is not a daunting task, but due to availability of large variety of models  like professional blenders, commercial blenders etc. one needs to look for the one that suits his or her requirements.

If you are too much confused about your purchases then you must visit http://www.blendaway.us/. The site contains review about different types of top rated blenders, thus you can select the one easily. It is to be noted that you won’t be changing your blender in a short span of time, thus it is advisable to purchase the one with latest technology as well as smart features.      

Don’t get fooled by the tricky advertisement

Many of the companies advertise the horse power of the blender which is quite high and attractive but the truth behind is different.  There are two horse powers one is termed as the peak horse power, which is the power at which your blender will run when you will start your blender but not the steady one that the motor of your blender will maintain while making the smoothie, soup etc. The next type of horse power is termed as the rated horse power which is exactly the power at which your blender will work.  Thus, many of the companies highlight the peak horse power which is quite high and attractive.  It is advisable to check the wattage for knowing about the efficiency of motor.

Know about the material of jar of the blender

While purchasing the blender, you need to look for various things like the power of blender, options available, material of the jar etc. Many a times, people do not give importance to the material of the jar, but it is also an important consideration. You will basically come across three types of jar –

  1. Stainless steel jar – these jars are quite easy to clean and maintain, but their main drawback is that they do not allow you to see the smoothie while blending.
  2. Glass jar – these jars are also a good option, but they are quite heavy. In addition, you need to give them special attention as these jars might break on falling.
  3. Plastic jar – these jars are more durable than others and also allow you to look at the smoothie while preparing.