Nuts - A Fun and Nutritious Snack

Nuts – A Fun and Nutritious Snack

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Have you been wondering whether nuts are truly healthy or not? After all, despite their delicious taste, people often say that these contain a considerable amount of fat. Well, this article shall clear things up for you and give you more knowledge regarding the topic.

Saturated Fat and Unsaturated Fat

Saturated fat is what people would consider as “bad” fat, mainly due to its association with low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol. These types of cholesterol increase the concentration of fat in your arteries and cause them to clog. On the other hand, unsaturated fat has a link to high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol. And yes, you guessed it right, this pushes back cholesterol in your arteries to the liver, making it less likely to clog. Now, what you want is to consume more unsaturated fat and less saturated ones.

The good news is, despite containing a high-fat content, most of the ones found in nuts are unsaturated fat. For example, almonds and black walnuts contain low amounts of saturated fat, but with lots of protein and unsaturated fat. In fact, with the high-fat content of nuts, these make them good to add in various food recipes, thanks to their unique flavor. You may even add nuts into your cake or into your smoothie. In case you intend to use nuts as a smoothie ingredient, then take a quick peek on SmoothieMaker.Reviews  just to get a heads up on the best blenders available. 


Most people would know that protein is quite useful for building structural components of the body. Well, that’s not the only function it has since it can also produce enzymes, hormones, and other chemicals. Also, it serves as an energy source, like carbohydrates and fat. Anyway, nuts, such as almonds, also contain sufficient amounts of protein that makes them nutritious for the body.

Dietary Fiber

Few more benefits of consuming nuts are that they help relieve constipation and they help you eat less. After all, they contain a considerable amount of dietary fiber which the body will not digest, making your stool bulkier and less dry since these absorb water. Also, these give you a feeling of being full, so you end up eating less food.

Vitamin E

Besides the decent amounts of unsaturated fat that nuts have, they also contain Vitamin E. This is quite beneficial for you, as it supports and reinforces the effects of the good cholesterol in your arteries. Thus, it lowers the likelihood of plaques developing there, which means you save yourself from long-term illness by consuming nuts.


At this point, you should think that nuts are healthy for you to eat. After all, these contain a considerable amount of unsaturated fat, protein, dietary fiber, and vitamin E. Overall, these are not just a fun snack to eat but also a nutritious food.