Jamiya Wilson New York’s Most Sought after Headshot Photographer

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Headshots can be splendid in helping you sell your brand as a professional or an actor. The type of headshots you go for should always be authentic to make sure that your target audience gets to see the best side of you. For over six years Jamiya Wilson has been offering headshots services to professionals and the best artists in the movie industry. The experience he has got over the years has made him the most sought-after headshot photographer.  Jamiya’s source of motivation is the big number of clients who have always been satisfied with his services. The photographer has a very active website, and you can easily access it to sample some of the headshots. Sampling the headshots will give you more reasons to work with him for you headshots whether you are an actor or a professional.

The New York City-based photographer has a lot of passion for his work with a deeply rooted commitment to make sure you as his client get satisfactory services. If you are working with Jamiya for the first time, you will have reasons to give him repeat business and even refer your close friends and relatives to him for their photo sessions. As a contemporary photographer, he captures his shots using the latest cameras that have a high resolution to ensure that the pictures he delivers to you have all the details that you would want in a headshot. Jamiya has an equipped studio, and if you are the kind of a person who prefers indoor headshots, he is the best choice. He can also be able to advise you on the best venues if outdoor headshots are more appealing to you.

When working with a photographer you should be easy with him during the entire season, Jamiya is very receptive to clients and he will allow you to get composed during the session, and will only begin working with you when you are relaxed.  To make the headshots more exciting, Jamiya can guide you on different looks without necessarily having to change clothes. For instance, he can advise you to take off your jacket put on glasses or sit on a different seat, and this makes the headshots look different and more amazing.  To ensure that you concentrate Jamiya does not subject you to very long photo sessions; they can be as short as one hour and still deliver quality headshots to you.  He makes an arrangement with you and brings an affordable make-up artist who will ensure that your face and hair are kept well for the photo session. Jamiya has worked with the finest actors in Ney York, and you can always trust in him for the best headshots ever.