HandlingTwitter Automation the Right Way

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Twitter is one of the biggest and most popular social media platforms for those businesses that invest in social media.

However, this is one of the most challenging accounts to manage and succeed at.

Twitter gives you only 140 characters to pass your message, which means you need to put a lot of creativity when coming up with the message. Your followers on Twitter need you to update your messages several times a day, something that is hard to handle unless you spend all the time online.

You also need to respond to comments left by your followers, retweets content and other tasks that you need to perform. It is, therefore, no wonder that automation comes to the forefront to help you handle these tasks.

More than 36 percent of the users on Twitter are millennials, which means you are under serious pressure to deliver and perform. Many brands find reprieve in automation.

The Key to Successful Automation

The key to successful Twitter automation is knowing how to keep your audience hooked, and enhance productivity through streamlining your posts.

So, how do you implement successful automation?

Know What to Automate

While automation is useful in a variety of case, you need to be careful so that you don’t overdo it. One of the things to avoid at all costs is trying to automate every task on Twitter.

You need to add a human touch if you wish to make the automation pass the algorithm. It also helps you earn respect and the loyalty of your audience.

Studies show that more than 75 percent of Twitter users feel more connected to your brand if you engage with them. If you need to build trust and maintain what you already have, you can’t automate everything.

Know What Time to Post

You also need to know what times are ideal for posting on Twitter. These times are the ones when your followers are most active, and you enjoy a high level of engagement when you post. Using the right automation tool, you can easily achieve this. It is of expert opinion that you get a tool that has all the features you need depending on your goals.

In Closing

You need to make sure you automate your Twitter tasks the right way. Otherwise, you risk losing your account or followers. Make sure you know what to automate and the right time to post content.