Essential But Necessary Mountain Biking Accessories

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Mountain biking is a fun sport that you can use to keep fit while exploring the region. However, to make everything great, you need to have the right accessories. These accessories come in a wide variety. You can spend, as much on them as you did on the bike, but there are some that are essential thus cannot do without them.


This is an accessory that you can’t do without when it comes to biking. You Must wear a helmet and especially when you are going for mountain biking. This is because it is common to fall off the bike and when you do, the surface is usually unforgiving. Don’t just pick any helmet, but a solid one that will cushion any fall while keeping you comfortable throughout the ride.


For the same safety reasons as the helmet, you need to have a pair of gloves in your mountain bike kit. Many people overlook this accessory; the truth is that gloves absorb any shock that comes through the handlebars into your hands. Get gloves with padding to give you the absorption you need. Gloves also prevent any injuries that might occur because of grazing your hands against trees or walls.

Cycling Shorts

Remember you are going to sit in a saddle for long periods. Mountain biking on rough roads is hard on your body. You need to have something that will absorb the vibrations. It is not uncommon to find cyclists with sore bottoms after every ride. Cycle shorts come with padding that absorbs the impact.

Other Cycling Clothing

If you are going to be on the bike during bad weather, then you need to protect yourself against bad weather. For this case, you need a lightweight jacket for rain and mesh jacket for the sun.

Cleaning Equipment

Mountain biking is a dusty and dirty sport. The bad thing is that bikes hate the dirt. You, therefore, need the right cleaning equipment to keep the bike in proper working order.


While riding the bike, you might need to add pressure. For this purpose, you need to have the right pump. Choose the best one from for the purpose.

In Closing

The main purpose of biking is to move from one place to another and to stay fit. To make this a reality, it is good that you have all the accessories you need for such a task. These include a pump, riding gear and many more.