Dry Lips: Causes and Remedies

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When people look at our face, the first thing they see is our lips. It is, therefore, necessary to avoid having cracked lips because they are a complete turnoff. Dry lips can sometimes be painful, and that is why some people would do anything to avoid them. The causes of dry lips are well known. The good news is that there are several treatment options too.

Causes of Dry Lips

Dry lips are very common. Unlike the skin, lips do not produce a lot of oil. That is why they are prone to cracking and drying. Most people also expose their lips to harsh products and elements that can result in chapping. The three common causes of dry lips include cold, wind and exposure to the sun.

During the cold season, the dry weather affects the lips. The wind dries out the moisture from the lips, and too much sunlight causes damage to them. Sudden development of dry lips may also be due to a new product, food or medication. For instance, if you develop dry lips after changing your diet or using a certain makeup product, then this new introduction may be the cause.

Some food allergies can damage the skin and lips as well. The solution to this lies in identifying the product and stopping its use.

Remedies for Dry Lips

Identify products that dry out your lips and avoid them. Consult a physician if the product is medication. Avoid staying in the sun for long hours as this may cause your lips to crack.  If you have to be exposed to the sun, wear a lip balm that has SPF protection.

Whenever your lips dry out, avoid licking them, as this will worsen the problem. Instead get some moisturizing products like lip balm and chap stick which are effective in solving the problem. With the many products in the stores today, you are probably wondering which one to use for dry lips.  You can also get some lipstick meant specifically for dry lips. These are also listed on Lovely Lips, and they come in different colors and types.

In Closing: Protect Your Lips Always

Always go for lip balm and moisturizing products that have SPF protection and those that are enriched with vitamins. Some products contain honey, beeswax or botanicals, which are also great. Most of these products also feature moisture therapy, protection capabilities and have the correct amount of color to ensure your lips remain soft and fresh for longer. Some of the most common varieties include Carmex, Eos, SoftLips, Chapstick and Burts’s Bees.