Different types of kitchen sink you should know

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A kitchen sink is one of the most important sections in your kitchen as most of the cleaning and washing of dishes is been done there. There are different types of kitchen sink in the market, so it is your duty to purchase the best one considering your wallet, the material and design.

There are some features you should look out for in a kitchen sink such as:

Stainless Steel

Most of the kitchen sink I’ve seen so far are made of stainless steel. It became most people’s choice because of its thickness and sturdiness.


Sink made of enamel are very easy to keep clean but the con about them is that they can’t withstand the heat of your hot pot and the weight of heavy pot.

Irrespective of the type of sink you want to purchase, it will be good if you get more information about the product.

Let’s take a look at the type of sink you will find in the market

Types of kitchen sink

Double Bowl

This type of kitchen sink is partitioned into two. The most common one is that of the rectangular shape. This skin is most people choice because it gives them the platform of performing two different things at the same time.


This is not a cheap kitchen sink; it is made from stainless steel which has a sole bowl that is deep having its valve installed in the wall.  It is also called apron front and if not properly fixed by plumbers can damage the cabinet.

Top mount

The top mount sink is dropped over the counter with the extended tip covering the counter top. This kitchen sink is compatible with any counter top materials and is not difficult to fix. Most people who have worked on this sink really love it.


These type of sink aren’t designed for regular use, it is very expensive and is ideal for the bar section in your house. If you have a bar at home, then buying a trough sink is a right move because it won’t speak well of you going to the kitchen all the time to wash your wine glass.

Under mount

This installation of this sink is different from others, in lieu of being brought down onto the counter they are placed into their right position from beneath.

This type of sink gives a smooth look and simpler mop up since they are positioned just beneath the surface of the counter, so you can clean up the spills and dirt from the counter top, preventing them from going into the sink because there’s no lip or fissure to trap the disposed particles. Be that as it may, this sinks are more costly to purchase and fix and should be utilized with a waterproof counter top.