Diagnosing A Malfunction On A New And Old Car

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Nowadays, determining the malfunction on a car is very simple and it lasts 2 minutes. All that is needed is to connect a specialized tool to the car’s computer and it will display the malfunction. This system is so advanced that you can check all the bulbs on a car.

Due to the aforementioned simplicity, most car owners believe that they can repair their cars all by themselves. As you may imagine, this isn’t actually possible. First, you are going to need a suitable and matching tool for your car. Then, you will get an error code. It means that you won’t get an actual description what is wrong with a car, but something like Error 405.

In order to analyze what the actual problem is, you need an error code book that is usually available only to official service providers, such as garages, http://www.pmwltd.co.uk/ . Without the code book, you won’t be able to determine the actual problem! All of this is mandatory in order to understand the complexity of a problem and not to try to perform these checks alone.

There is one reason more why you should try this at your home. If the diagnostic tool is malfunctioning or it isn’t suitable for that, particular car, you can cause small and severe damages to a car. Some of the most common ones are:

  • Damaging a fuse or a fuse box.
  • Damaging the computer (the most severe issue).
  • Burning the installation.
  • Damaging the diagnostic tool.

Diagnostic on older cars

Older cars don’t have computers of this type. In general, a car that has direct injection must have a computer, but it is a basic and simple model, without the possibility to diagnose and check all the systems of a car. As you may imagine, diagnose will be determined by your experience.

Diesel and petrol cars without computers that can be connected to diagnostic tools are extremely complicated to repair. You won’t be able to solve the main issue all by yourself unless you are a professional car mechanic.

You must understand that messing with the car systems can cause severe damages, obviously. In rare cases, you can cause the engine to overheat, or lose oil pressure. In both cases, your engine would be completely ruined. The repair will cost more than the entire car value! That’s why it is impeccable to take a car to official and licensed car mechanic.