Create a Surprise Gift Basket for Your Father

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If you always strive to give your dad the perfect gift for his birthday or Father’s Day, why not consider giving him a gift basket? You can buy them already made up, or purchase a nice basket and create one yourself.

What should be in the basket?

Think about your dad and his favorite things or passions, and fill accordingly.

The basket should be the right size to hold the items, and you should find gift paper to line it, maybe ribbons or confetti to go inside or sprinkle on top of the gifts, along with a card. Put a layer of paper between each item if you want to, to make a snug fit.

If he’s a sports fan, you could put tickets to a game, an autographed baseball, some cards, a cap or T-shirt of his favorite team, a subscription to a sports channel, a subscription to a sports magazine. Think outside the basket.

If he’s a movie fan, give him tickets, a poster of his favorite movie, some gourmet popcorn, a T-shirt of his favorite film or actor, or a DVD.

If he’s into wine and cheese, there could be no greater gift than sampls of wine and cheese. Or, if he has a favorite wine, make it a good bottle of something he’s always wanted.

If he’s into fishing, you could make a new tackle box the basket. In it you can put new lures, line, sinkers, bait. How about a new book or DVD on fishing, or a gift certificate to his favorite bait and tackle shop?

If he’s into woodworking or building of any kind, make a toolbox the basket, and put in some tools he’s always wanted but doesn’t have. If you aren’t sure what to get, check the tools he already has. There are plenty of hardware and home improvement stores with aisles and aisles of tools to choose from, or you could go online to shop. What about a new tool chest? Or a stud locator? Here at Stud Locator you can find one for the casual handyman, or the consummate professional. You could also add a how-to book or a gift certificate.

If your dad is into guitar, buy him a new guitar case to serve as the “basket”, and include new music sheets, guitar strap, picks, amps, strings, or even an instructional DVD if he’s a beginner.

If your dad likes to work in gardening or landscaping, then fill a wheelbarrow full of gardening supplies, from seeds to gloves to potting soil. It will make his day, and give him a gift that he can enjoy for the year to come.

The list could go on. The main thing to remember when it comes to creating a gift basket, is give him something that reflects his personality and lifestyle.