How To Choose An Instagram Bot

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Marketing on social media is one of the best approaches that most businesses are applying nowadays and reaping quantifiable benefits. Smart marketers are now focusing on individual platforms which makes it easier to target people based on various demographics such as age, gender, and region. Instagram is among the most used social platforms for marketing because of its various features which makes it easy to display various products. Automation is very important if you want a balance between marketing and service delivery. The following are factors to consider when selecting an automation tool for Instagram marketing.

    1. Your needs

Determine what you want to achieve from your campaigns before you embark on searching for an automation tool. Are you aiming at increasing followers, increasing sales or engaging your customers on a timely basis? There are different tools, and they come with varying features to suit different customers and needs. Some of the common tasks that most bots can perform include scheduling posts, engaging users and searching for relevant hashtags. You will be responsible for preparing content, and then the automation tool will do the rest. There are some that are good at scheduling while others are fit for increasing the number of followers.

    1. Reviews

The best way to know if a product is worth your time and investment is checking what past customers are saying about it. It is very hard to get people to tell you face to face on how an automation tool works, but you can trust online reviews. Some companies can manipulate reviews on their websites, but it will be very hard doing the same on social platforms. Go deep into the reviews and check the justifications people give for their reviews. Do not forget to check expert reviews to help you make a decision that you will never regret.

    1. Pricing

Social media marketing does not discriminate and has plans for everyone. Some automation tools come with free plans which have fewer features when compared to their premium versions. However, high price does not necessarily mean it is high quality as we can see a review of Social Bloom from The Small Business Blog. Compare what you are getting against the features before making your final decision. You can start with cheap plans and then upgrade as you get more conversions and increase your customer base. Shop around and do not just pick the first bot that comes your way without checking varieties.