Carrier Plate – Choosing The Right One Is An Issue Of Life And Death

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A carrier plate or body armor is the most vital and crucial protective gear for a force personnel. Every life is of paramount importance to humanity and when it comes to the lives of security personnel of a nation, carrier plate can act as a life protecting equipment.

Carrier plate or body armor is a basic protective gear to any person in the armed forces whose life involves constant risk and fear of attack at any time. The best protective gear in terms of quality and resistance capacity should be chosen. You can visit the website to make your selection process a little easier by having a look at various options in carrier plate, their merits and functionalities.


A carrier plate comes in two types of material, one is hard material and the second one is soft material.

A soft material is light in weight and make and is made of materials that are five times stronger than conventional steel plate. Soft body armor is suitable at places where the risk factor to life is low and only maintaining a basic safety against any attack is the need to wear it. A soft body armor is suitable to wear at places of riots or law enforcing situations where risk is low against attack of bullets and arms.

Hard armor plate is much heavier and made up of heavy plates than soft plate and is more resistant than soft armor plates. A hard armor plate is sited to operations of extreme danger and risk to life as they are highly protecting and strong and can be used in battles or military combats against terrorists.

Steel plates were the most used option till recently and were recently replaced by ceramic plates which offer greater strength and flexibility.

Utility factor-

Carrier plate or body armor comes in different shapes and sizes. A variety of body armors to cater to different needs and specifications are available. With recent developments in body armor equipments, their utility has increased manifold.

A strong and durable protective gear comes with different opening space and pockets to keep different types of combative armors such as your pistols and knife or any attacking device used against the enemy.

Choosing a right protective gear is the key because it saves your life more often than not. A carrier plate or body armor is one such blessing in disguise for a security personnel which makes him feel a little bit more confident and positive about his life.