Business Suits Tips for Young Executives

Business Suits Tips for Young Executives

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Business suits are a great way to make an impression. They give those looking at you a notion that you’re indeed a serious individual. In fact, they could  very well be your best bet to maintaining a professional look in networking events, business meetings or when pitching in front of prospective investors. Even then, there are specific rules that you should always adhere to when wearing a business suit. Here’s a rundown.

Never Outshine Your Superior

Sure, you can afford an Armani or Hugo Boss suit but shouldn’t outdo your boss.  As a young business executive, you may have a little bit more flair than your older superiors, but it’s wrong to make them feel that you’re showing off. Try to maintain a professional appearance without necessarily wearing expensive suits.

Wear the Right Colors

A business suit is not a wedding piece. Thus, you cannot walk into a business meeting wearing a red or green suit. Just in case you have no idea, business suits come in strictly three colors; gray, blue and black. No one will take you seriously if you wear a flashy suit in a business convention. In other words, the only time you can wear a brightly colored business suit is if you’re a clown or work in the circus.

Dark suits are not only modest but ideal for business. And, if you’re in pursuit of business mens suits | shop online for best men’s suit – visit to sample an extensive collection of pieces that will give you a clean, executive look.

A Red Tie is the “Farthest” You Can Go

By now, you should have already figured out that business suits are all about helping you look “cool.” The ties are no different. You should, therefore, never wear a tie that’s lighter than your shirt. Depending on the color of your suit, your shirt should be either blue or white. Thus, be sure to pick a black or blue tie. If you’re bold, you choose a red or green tie. The fabric of your tie should match that of your suit. You can never go wrong with silk though.

The Bottm Line

You want to get it right when it comes to business suits. On weekends wear a casual suit. It can be colorful, but the material has to be refined and comfortable. You can wear a shirt and a loose tie. Any other day, however, is a business suit day!