Best Headphones Of 2015: Take Your Pick

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If you have been on the lookout for the perfect pair of headphones, this might solve all your problems and answer all your queries. A decent pair of earphones is a must have for all audio maniacs but sometimes it can be confusing to pick the best product as there are a plethora of options out there today. So let us try and make that hunt an easy task by picking out the best headphones from different categories and types. Just read on and by the end of it, you will definitely have a better idea as to which earpiece will be the best option for you.

Best In Ear Headphones: Sony MDR-EX650AP

In ear headphones are extremely popular due to the fact that they are small and efficient when it comes to reproducing sound and save you from the trouble and discomfort associated with large headphones. The Sony MDR-EX650AP delivers the best performance in this category without having a hefty price tag. Designed to fit securely and comfortably in your ears, these ear buds provide excellent sound which is detailed and undistorted.

Best Over Ear Headphones: AKG K550

Some people like having headphones over the ear. For people like them, the AKG K550 is probably the best option as it has big ear pads coupled with a long cable, making it an ideal one for office or domestic use. However, you will surprised to know that despite the way the look, these ear pieces are extremely lightweight and comfortable.

The sound is clean and the tempo is well balanced. The high and lows have a natural feel to them and the earphones also manage to deliver exceptionally accurate and punchy bass. They might look rugged or bulky but they offer some of the best sound and performance.

Best Noise Reduction: Bose QuietComfort 25

The best noise cancellation earphones tend to blend efficient design and the use of radio waves to block outside noise and provide complete noise isolation. This product from Bose stands tall when it comes to offering efficient noise cancellation and premium quality performance.

Bose has been well known to produce top quality earphones and the QuiteComfort 25 carries that legacy forward by offering superb noise reduction. The fact that one may wear these for lengthy periods without any discomfort is also a bonus. Overall it is a fantastic choice for all music lovers.

Best On Ear Earphones: AKG Y50

On ear headphones are the ones that deliver best performance on the go with a fine combination of detailed sound reproduction and well balanced highs and lows. The style quotient is also something that is a major factor in the popularity of the AKG Y50.

The bundled remote also allows users to receive calls on the go while the premium quality ear pads are comfortable and tend to provide excellent noise isolation. The bass is something that impresses most of the ardent music lovers as it is pure and detailed. The AKG Y50 is extremely popular among the youth but is perfect for people from all age groups.