6 Social Media Skills for Instagram Marketing

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Beginners often wonder, “What social media skills do I need to successfully promote my brand on Instagram?” There are various qualities that a successful Instagram marketer needs to have, but you can start with working on a few. Here are six traits you should try to cultivate within yourself to become more successful in your marketing:


With Instagram mostly being a visual-type of social media, which mainly utilizes images to convey a message, you have to be creative. You should try to become a more skilled graphic designer, photographer, or videographer. Or, at least try to learn how to distinguish between a well-made design and a poor one. On top of your creativity, you have to add humor and the ability to improvise.

Community Management

One obvious characteristic of Instagram is that it is a social media platform, which means you have to at least build digital relationships with various users. One characteristic that enables you to do so is community management, which means that one should be able to navigate a community to achieve specific goals. On Instagram, you have to promote your brand as you engage with your customers. Overall, that includes slowly converting each visitor into a loyal follower by patiently interacting with them and entertaining their questions.

Efficiency and Organization

With Instagram being a place full of distracting images and funny posts, you might end up going off-tangent instead of working on increasing your followers. Thus, you need to learn to be more efficient and organized, so you have to set goals and stick to them. Find better ways of achieving things in the smallest amount of resources that you can spend, provided that you do not end up being too cheap.


On Instagram, you have to get with the times. You need to update yourself on new trends and find new methods of marketing. Innovation also means that you have to learn to try something new, such as outsourcing. Although outsourcing may mean that you have less control over what your marketing would be like, it helps you achieve more in the smallest amount of time. If you are curious, try to visit https://fredharrington.com/social-envy-review/.


Being adaptive is one crucial trait that a social media manager should have, especially when the news and social media move pretty quickly. Scheduling posts are not enough, you have to be open-minded enough to test new features and change your posting time depending on when is the “rush hour” on Instagram.¬†

Customer Service

If you provide good customer service, sales should increase naturally. You may want to make sales lead transfer as smooth as possible by directly asking for information rather than telling them to email you. Furthermore, you also have to offer troubleshooting services for your clients.


Although it is quite overwhelming to start training yourself to be a better marketer on Instagram, you can begin with these four. Work on your creativity, community management, efficiency and organization, innovation, adaptiveness, and customer service. Just keep taking steps to improving yourself, and you\’ll be able to promote your brand better.