4 Tips to Get More out of Your Wheelbarrow

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Most of the work in a garden requires you to move stuff from one point to another; and the bigger or the further the garden is, the more the task of moving from one point to another. Mulch, weeds, bricks, tools and other gardening items are some of the things you have to move around. You need a wheelbarrow – not just any wheelbarrow but a good one for such a task.

Enjoy Advanced Maneuverability and Performance

No other gardening gear beats the wheelbarrow when it comes to negotiating sharp corners and narrow paths. The wheelbarrow has the barrow to hold the load without spilling, and dump its load tidily when you reach the destination. However, you need to understand some few tricks in order to get the most out of this equipment.

  1. Understand Proper Loading

Keep the heaviest part of your load over the wheel. This improves stability and efficiency. Additionally, don’t overload the wheelbarrow especially when pushing it up a hill. Overloading is dangerous, because when overloaded, the wheelbarrow might overpower you when going uphill and it might get away from you when moving downhill.

  1. The Larger the Better

When looking for a wheelbarrow, go for one that has a large capacity regardless of your gardening needs. Most gardeners who buy a specific size find out later that a bigger task comes up that the small wheelbarrow can’t handle. So, buy a big wheelbarrow and fill just a part of it.

  1. Cheap is Expensive

Don’t go for a cheap wheelbarrow, because this tells you that the type of materials used in making it was cheap as well. A cheap wheelbarrow has a short lifespan, and becomes costly in future because you have to replace it so soon. A high-end wheelbarrow comes with specifications that will withstand extreme weather conditions and handle bigger loads without giving out.

  1. Proper Care Means Longer Lifespan

Lean the wheelbarrow against the wall, with the tip on the ground when you aren’t using it. This prevents rainwater and debris from collecting in the barrow. Standing the wheelbarrow on its tire for long can remove pressure from the tire as well. Make sure the tire is always inflated to maintain its integrity.


No homeowner can overlook the importance of the wheelbarrow in gardening. However, to speed up your tasks, you need a wheelbarrow that is of high quality. Visit http://www.wheelthat.com/ to find out what options you have and get help picking the best wheelbarrow for your needs.